Mortal Kombat (2021), review by MurDock Copes

Mortal Kombat, the new version on celluloid of the classic video game of brutal martial arts fights in which the kombatients of Earth defend our kingdom from the invasion of the Outer World
For the 110 minutes that the film lasts, the way in which it narrates the two stories is very dynamic, transitioning in a very organic and natural way, without incongruities that take you out of the plot or forced scenes to fill the time: just and necessary at all times. When you have to count, you have to count.

The first half, with a solid beginning, Mortal Kombat online free showing the premise of the story with its main axes and presentations of its characters; is a clear example of how to restart a franchise like Mortal Kombat with great success.

However, I perceive the second half of the film as a succession of fights (spectacular, by the way) in which I hardly have time to assimilate the action by chaining together each other. I think the narration would have benefited from a break at a specific moment in the film (not specific so as not to spoil) and slowly introduce something there.

The film introduces the concept of “The Arcana”, an energy manifested by those chosen to compete in the Mortal Kombat tournament (marked on their skin with the iconic dragon of the franchise). Each fighter manifests his Arcana differently and each one discovers it at his own pace. Without going into more details for now, we will say that this point in the story helps to explain the presence of special moves in fighters without going into very minute details.

The film has a mainly Asian cast (the birthplace of martial arts), headed by Lewis Tan in his first starring role, as Cole Young, a new hero of the franchise created exclusively for this film.

The well-known and great actor Hiroyuki Sanada is Hanzo Hasashi, Scorpion, in a correct performance with memorable lines. Joe Taslim, a face best known for embroidering the villains he represents, is the Lin Kuei Sub-Zero, the main headache of our heroes in this movie. His boss is Shang Tsung, Outworld wizard, played by Chin Han; Although he does not have much screen time, he does have memorable scenes that will remain to be remembered.

Raiden, the electrifying protector of Earth, reminded me little of the good-natured God of Thunder that Christopher Lambert embodied in the 1995 film, but it kind of fits for a god to be distant from mortals.
Mileena and Reiko are perhaps the freest interpretations that have been made of kombatientes in this film.
Mehcad Brooks and Jessica McNamee are Jax and Sonya, who in this movie are supporting characters that help move the plot forward and shine in some of the scenes they star in.

They include Ludi Lin as Liu Kang, Max Huang as Kung Lao, both embroidering the Shaolin monks with outstanding physique and movements. The good decisions when choosing the actors of the film are reflected especially in this duo. Special mention deserves Kano, the mercenary of the Black Dragon embroidered by Josh Lawson, who for a good part of the film are the eyes of the spectator. What a great actor and what a lot of fun Kano provides us with.

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