‘The Mitchells vs. the Machines’ is the best Netflix movie of 2021, even if it doesn’t seem like it

Netflix’s catalog of original movies (good and bad) is growing at an astonishing rate. As always, there is something for everyone. There are comedies to fill the weekend, such as El dia del Sí, action tapes to hit the audience like Tyler Rake and movies to win awards like Mank or Roma.

You may like some more than the others, although it is clear that they all want something different and judging them equally would be silly. However, we cannot fall into the prejudice of limiting them to their watertight public compartments. We are very clear that when Netflix premiered The Mitchells against the machines, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard full movie it did not intend to brighten its catalog, but to add a film for the whole family and enhance its children’s content, which is now so competitive with Disney +. You have probably only come to see it if you have children at home to entertain, if you wanted to see something light and you bumped into it or if you are a fan of animated films. Few will have gone with the intention with which they pressed play to see Rome, Mank or The Irishman … but they should.

No, The Mitchells Vs. the Machines is not in black and white and does not last longer than two hours. In fact, we cannot say that its plot is original either. It is about a middle-class family that is involved in a technological rebellion and will become, by surprise, humanity’s hope against robots. It is a comedy full of gags that does not intend to move us to the core or seek the most complex feelings in long shots. No, but that does not mean that it is a marvel at the height of the best of Netflix.

Yes, comedies, animation tapes for the whole family, they can be great too. Perhaps we understand everything better if we consider that the production company of the film is Lord Miller, the union of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. That is, it is the continuation of a work that began with The LEGO movie and continues with nothing less than Spider-Man: A new universe, two of the best animated films of the last decade.

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